Monday, 4 July 2011

VIP Champagne Room at St Pancras Station

St Pancras Grand: Searcy’s Champagne Tasting

Bubble! It is undeniable how much Champagne has become the centre of our social lives. It’s no longer saved for weddings and special birthdays; Champagne can be brought out anytime, anywhere. So when given the invitation to try a champagne tasting at St Pancras Grand’s private room at the Oyster and Champagne Bar located on the Upper Concourse, we could not refuse. The Champagne bar is a stunning addition, separate to the restaurant, with leather booths, comfy sofas, and even a private room for more intimate events.

Did you know?

• Only a choice of three types of grapes are used to make Champagne?
• There are over 50 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne?
• The UK consumes over 37 million bottles of Champagne a year?
No, neither did we! But thanks to the hospitality of Searcy’s and Eduardo’s wisdom, we left with insightful history and trivia of champagne, alongside the taste of plenty of Pommery Champagne. We sampled a Champagne for every season, then an extra special Pommery’s Champagne which was delicious  I think it’s safe to say that we will all be taking a leaf out of Eduardo’s book and no longer just saving Champagne for special occasions.

Written by Saskya Liney, Events Assistant, EMC3

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